Narrow Aisle Forklifts

NaLift Articulated Narrow Aisle

Electric-AWD-12.4m-1.6 Capacity

NaLift Articulated Narrow Aisle


  • Lift height up to 12.4m, aisle width as narrow as 1.8m.
  • It stores 50% more pallet positions than counterbalance forklifts and 30% more pallet positions
    than reach trucks.
    + 220°articulating angle, flexible working in the ultra-narrow aisle.
  • 80V ZAPI AC dual-core controller, cool working environ ment, error free.
  • 80V AC lifting&driving motor, maintenance free, powerful, high efficiency.
  • Proportional valve, valve speed can be adjusted according to working conditions, making it
    easier and more accurate to pick up/unload pallets in narrow aisles.
  • Fingertip control provides better control experience, provides more comfortable and accurate
    operation. It also has a special picking mode. With better inch move performance, it makes nalift
    vna very suitable for high lifting and narrow aisle working situations.
  • Strong chassis and mast construction ensure heavy-duty use.
  • It can operate on any floor surface, both inside and out, eliminating double handling, move
    pallet from lorry to rack in one step, so it save much time and money.
  • The maintenance cost is significantly less than normal reach trucks/swing reach truck.
    + The ergonomics design making it provide faster load cycle time and reduce drivers fatigue.
  • Providing Iron-lithium battery(optional), maintenance free, longer working life
  • Local dealer support and engineer services.

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Lifting Capacities 1.6 Ton
Lifting Height 12.4m
Moving speed (without load)
Drive layout AWD


Engine Type Electric
Engine power


Width 1800mm


• Aisle width as narrow as 1800mm.
• It stores 30% more pallets than reach trucks.
• It stores 50% more pallets than counterbalanced forklift.
• All the work of counterbalanced forklifts and reach trucks can be done by only one Nalift
articulated forklift.
• Increase storage and reduce warehouse costs.