Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Flexi Articulated Narrow Aisle

Electric-Warehouse-8.0 metres-1.5 Capacity2.5 Capacity

Flexi Articulated Narrow Aisle


Since 1976 Flexi Narrow Aisle is one of the world’s pioneers of very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouse truck design and development. Today our Flexi Digital range is distributed worldwide through a fully supported distributor network from the company’s manufacturing plants through hubs in the UK (Europe), USA (Americas), Taiwan (East Asia) and in over 65 countries worldwide.

Since Narrow Aisle pioneered the Flexi articulated warehouse truck concept in 1990, it has gone on to become the most popular type of truck on the market. The front-wheel-drive articulated concept we developed has become the global standard, our product has provided many benefits for warehouse customers.

Over 10,000 Flexi units have been built and shipped throughout the world, with many intralogistics customers in North America, Asia and Europe recognising the space-saving benefits. The exceptional cost savings that can be achieved are now recognised globally.

Over recent years, the Flexi Truck range has been developed significantly and can now lift loads weighing over 2.5 tonnes and lift heights of over 14 metres with six distinctive model types available.

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Lifting Capacities 1.5 Ton2.5 Ton
Lifting Height 8.0 metres
Moving speed (without load)
Drive layout Warehouse


Engine Type Electric
Engine power


Width 14.5 metres
Height 15 metres


  • Proven reliable design common components across the range
  • Our original 220° over-rotation easy stack feature
  • Heavy-duty clear vision triple or quad lift mast
  • HiViS overhead guard as standard to ANSI and CE
  • Lift heights up to 10.5 metres
  • Large elastic rubber tyre’s all-round (non-markingoptions)
  • Easy cassette battery changing, roll out option
  • No components under the battery, no service or corrosion issues
  • Twin drive for smooth, precise accurate stacking.
  • ‘Push Back’ – drive-in and block stack compatible
  • Two chassis widths – 1200mm and 1250mm for minimum derate
  • Safe travel clearance in aisle – no ‘snaking’ in reverse
  • Digital brushless power steering motor for low energy usage and safe operation. No ‘kickback’
  • Three ‘brushless’ digital electric motors for long battery life and ultra-low servicing costs