LPG & Diesel Forklifts

Manitou 3Ton Forklift

LPG Nissan K21 / Diesel Yanmar-FWD-4.5m-3 Capacity

Manitou 3Ton Forklift


MI 30 G (LPG Gas)

The MI 30 G is a heat engine-powered masted forklift designed for intense industrial application both indoors and outdoors, sure to please both forklift operators and fleet managers with its innovative design. Adjustable and accessible controls, optimal visibility and security systems are just the starting point, with ease of maintenance, robustness and reliability included as standard issue as well.

The inching pedal feature provides a smooth and precise approach during manoeuvres, for comfort and flexibility on a daily basis, whilst access to the driver’s position is made easier by the low footstep, doors on both sides and a large, sturdy handle grip on the left side.

MI 30 D (Diesel)

Simplicity, comfort, reliability, productivity. The MI 30 D is a heat engine forklift with a maximum capacity of 3 tonnes and was designed with logistics and distribution professionals in mind, amongst others. Sturdy and robust thanks to the careful selection of parts and simplified design, it’s easy to maintain and is sure to remain a key machine in your fleet.

For maximum operator safety and comfort, access to the driver’s position is made easy: grip handle, anti-slip footsteps, access from both sides, etc. Visibility is maximised thanks to the slim profile rear posts, maximum space between masts and an openwork roof.


  • Cascade Side Shift
  • Suspension Seat
  • Solid Tyres / Pneumatic
  • Triplex / Duple Mast Options
  • Dual Front Tyre Options


Lifting Capacities 3 Ton
Lifting Height 4.5m
Moving speed (without load) 18 km/h
Drive layout FWD


Engine Type LPG Nissan K21 / Diesel Yanmar
Engine power 31.5 kW / 32.8 kW


Length 3.87 m
Width 1.23 m
Height 2.2 m


  • Externally adjustable load and thrust rollers for precise mast and carriage alignment
  • Wider forward view of fork tips and load
  • Powershift transmission
  • Premium hydraulics for safe and superior handling


  • Diesel
  • LPG (Gas)


  • 3 Ton


  • duplex total visibility
  • duplex free lift
  • triplex free lift


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  • Hire-to-Buy
  • Purchase Brand New
  • Second-hand Purchase